Benchmarking with FLExible Network Tester (Flent)

I have to search for some tools to test the network like get the throughput and latency of the network. But I find it hard because of data output from tools like iperf3 outputting raw data and some trouble to test the latency because they need background traffic.

FLExible Network Tester (Flent) is a benchmarking network tool that have many test cases and can output data in a graphic with JSON data output. In this tutorial, I use Flent to benchmarking the virtual machine network in OpenStack. Flent use server client mechanism.

In the server & client, install netperf

apt install netperf -y
netserver &

In the client, install Flent

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tohojo/flent
sudo apt update
sudo apt install flent -y

You can list some test cases in Flent

flent --list-tests
flent <test-case> --list-plots

For example, I want to use Realtime Response Under Load (RRUL) test to calculate the latency.

flent rrul -p all_scaled -l 60 -H netperf_ip_server -t single-network-difference-compute -o sn-dc-rull.png

Or calculate TCP download & upload throughput

flent tcp_upload -p totals -l 60 -H netperf_ip_server -t single-network-difference-compute -o sn-dc-tcp-upload.png
flent tcp_download -p totals -l 60 -H netperf_ip_server -t single-network-difference-compute -o sn-dc-tcp-download.png

The output graphic:

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