Installing Istio with Helm Tiller

Istio are platform for microservices architecture, this tutorial install Istio inside kubernetes cluster with Helm.


  • Running Kubernetes Cluster

Install Istio

  • Download Istio
cd ~
curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.1.1 sh -
cd istio-1.1.1
export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
  • Download Helm
cd ~
tar -zxvf helm-v2.13.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo mv linux-amd64/helm /usr/local/bin/helm
  • Init Helm
cd ~/istio-1.1.1
kubectl apply -f install/kubernetes/helm/helm-service-account.yaml
helm init --service-account tiller

if you have helm installed without  applying the service-account, you can reset helm tiller first

helm reset -f
  • Install istio init chart to bootstrap all CRD.
helm install install/kubernetes/helm/istio-init --name istio-init --namespace istio-system
kubectl get crds | grep '\|' | wc -l
  • Install Istio
helm install install/kubernetes/helm/istio --name istio --namespace istio-system
  • Verify installation
kubectl get svc -n istio-system
kubectl get pods -n istio-system

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